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  • In this nuclear age of war, death, natural and human disaster, blood, violence and fear, we intend to create a world that is peaceful, tranquil, and harmonious. Every human being's ultimate aim is to help create and live in a humane, peaceful and sustainable ecosystem. What better way to propagate this way of life, but through entertainment; and cinema, the most superior form of the arts.

    A single human lifetime is too short a span of time to waste on hate and sham. The earth is a beautiful place in the universe, which has given us a place to live, air to breath, food to eat and water to drink, and human beings have taken it for granted over the ages. It is time to pay back.

    Our vision is that through the most entertaining and popular art form, we will pioneer a new age and create a new human revolution in this 21st century.

  • It all started when I was growing up in my village in a serene place, so close to nature. My village had only two bicycles and no electricity. Growing up and travelling around the world, I realized that we are losing the beauty of nature everyday and I feared that someday our civilization would lose everything in this process. I started thinking of ways to reach out to the masses in a bigger way. I thought of many ways, I considered NGO work, charity, even politics, but I soon realised that everything had limitations in terms of reach, after a certain point.

    After the success of my first film 'I am Kalam', I began to realize the power of this medium, and I set out to reach as many people as I can. I sold everything I had to complete the film, mortgaged my house, property, everything. I had to do this film, and in order for it to sustain, I would need to generate revenue in return.

    So here is the model I have created, where revenue is bound to return. We create a new genre of cinema everyday and at the end of the day, it not only brings entertainment, but values and smiles on everyone's faces.

    "My film begins when you finish watching it." – Nila Madhab panda

  • You can be a part of this mission to bring about social change through entertainment. Come, be part of the Human Ecosystem Mission.

    Be part of the New Human Revolution.

    These are commercial, mainstream films which will recover full revenue and give value to the world as well.

The team

Nila Madhab Panda
Managing Director

Utpal Borpujari
Artistic Director

Bidhu Bhushan Panda
Creative Producer

Deepak Dhillon
Head, Finance & Administration

Anuj Tyagi
Chief Executive Officer

We work hard to create that magic

Awards are just the way to know we are going in right direction, working hard is the key.

Colaboration and exchange of thoughts and ideas is what makes us successfull.

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