What we do

The Next-Gen Global Indian Approach

Since its foundation in 1996, Eleeanora Images has been aiming at being a key player in making the Indian Entertainment Industry a next-gen industry.

In the process, has added a few definite milestones to itself.

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Feature Films

Our aim is to produce cinema aimed at sections across the society, audiences, age groups and genres with a global perspective, of which "I Am Kalam" is a prime example.


Eleeanora Images has a history of social activism, audio-visual documentations and turnkey dissemination of information vis-à-vis the development & social sectors in India.

Short Films

Empowering entertainment and popular art forms of India, in our attempt to create 21st century films.


Produced over 70 Short Films, Television dramas (including 2 mega TV Series) and Corporate & Advertising Films

Awards and Recognitions